Trayvon Martin Should NOT Be On Trial; But He Is

3 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Should NOT Be On Trial; But He Is”

  1. Point blank, Zimmerman had no business confronting Trayvon. Another shameful chapter in the history of racial politics in America. Where is the POTUS? He had no problem speaking up for poor, Harvard professor Henry Gates.

    1. You know, that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking — potus made such a big deal about defending that professor from those exact same cops that he sent in to kill the Tsarnaev brothers.
      And concerning TRAYVON MARTIN’S murderer — zimmerman was IN HIS CAR when he called 911, ergo, he had absolutely NO REASON to ‘stand his ground’ since all he had to do was lock the doors and call the cops!. To make matters even worse, the 911 dispatcher told him to stay in his car and let the cops handle it; to wit: Trayvon’s murder is PREMEDITATED (FIRST DEGREE MURDER)!

      The worst part of all this is that the MSM is spending all their time on this b/c when it’s finally over we peons will have moved on from the NSA controversy so that peeping barry can once again get away with impeachable crimes! OMG — how long has the nsa been documenting everything every peons does? I.E.: These worthless shits MUST have inside knowledge of what really went down that night … the prosecution needs to subpoena the phone records for that night — there’s a good possibility that would completely negate what the defense is trying to do! But hey, our fucking worthless potus will NEVER allow something worthwhile to come out of his crime of surveilling ALL of us!

  2. I agree, Jeff. Where’s the POTUS? Nowhere, because he sold out to his people a long time ago. He could care less about the poor and people of color.

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