We Are Being Governed By Morons

3 thoughts on “We Are Being Governed By Morons”

  1. They know exactly where it will be. They are being silent because they don’t want protesters showing up. As it is Transcanada has labeled anyone daring to protest this an eco-terrorist. When Obama announces he has approved this pipeline in total antithesis to his empty shell climate plan, I wouldn’t be surprised to see drones over the pipeline route to shoot protesters down. Unfortunately, I doubt even that happening would wake up the Obama puppets who are still giving him a free ride on everything.

    Hope you are all doing well here.

    1. Hi Jan! 🙂 We have had a little bit of trouble lately with a spammer, but I think he’s finally given up.
      I’m involved with the group here in Nebraska that has plans for disrupting any plans for the pipeline at any time … bwhahahaha — I’ll be reporting on it after the fact 🙂 b/c I don’t want anything to jinx it.
      And our good citizens are once again playing ‘dog’ … “oh look, a squirrel” we’ve gone from following everything Snowden had to say to being either militant or supportive of Zimmerman — I think Obama is getting involved in that b/c he sees it as an opportunity to regain some brownie points and sneak thru as much stuff as possible while we are off chasing ‘brown’ squirrels!
      Thnx for stopping by — I will drop by your place to see what’s happening in your neck of the woods. 🙂

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