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  1. Our government has seriously GOT to be STOPPED Sis! This is beyond childish; and like Greenwald said, despotic! The NSA (and bush-dark) have seriously gone too far — we have to do something to stop this — they are doing these things in our name and I REFUSE to be a part of this kind of garbage!

  2. Britain will always continue to be the lap dog of the US. Any country that stands with the US in this war against Snowden loses all credibility in the world community, especially when it’s this petty. I worry about Glenn Greenwald. Look what happened to Michael Hastings earlier this year!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking Sis, I’d like to think he is safer since he isn’t living in the US, but since we have drones I don’t think anyone is safe, and especially not a well-known journalist that isn’t afraid to call Obama out for his idiocy.

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