It’s Time For Another Labor Party

2 thoughts on “It’s Time For Another Labor Party”

  1. I am glad that light is being shed on the anti-labor position of both parties. Democrats in the post Reagan era have forged strong alliances with the capital-holding class and have learned not to bite the hand that feeds. They seem to be guilty of digging through the public coffers to return treats to their corporate masters.
    No extension of welfare benefits yet the several hundred billion dollar funding package (and Constitution nullifying) NDAA passes with 80+ votes. smh
    Surely seems like Americans shop up every few years to ratify the decisions of the same party.

    1. Hey H3nry it sure is nice to see you!!!! 🙂 I was quite happy to find someone out there that was willing to call out the dems (besides all we peons who know all too well that our elected terrorists are all part of the demreptoxicon party) for being nothing more than the chocolate flavored ice cream. I would like to see more journalists stop catering to them and start calling them out for their failure to do their job, but time will tell how far this truthtelling actually goes.

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