Greece, Vampire Squids & Goldman Sachs, Oh My!

4 thoughts on “Greece, Vampire Squids & Goldman Sachs, Oh My!”

  1. We’ve sure got the Goldman Sachs problem here in New Zealand. They’re eagerly helping our conservative National government sell off NZ’s publicly owned utilities – up till now a major source of government revenues. This, in turn, has led to major cuts in health, education and social services.

    1. They are definitely the vampire squid — going to the ends of the earth for one more buck! That’s why I posted the guillotine pic of Lloyd Blankfein with this article — that’s what they deserve … uh, if corporations are people why can’t we guillotine them?

  2. Another excellent article by Ellen Brown. She may have won the prize for understatement by saying “2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year”. Greece will follow in the footsteps of Iceland, but the fallout will be global and history-making.

    1. I just hope the fallout means the end of the Wall St casino — I figure if it’s true that they can take their depositors funds someone is going to rebel and that might start the revolution that we have needed since Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall.

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