Our Children are NOT Human Capital!

4 thoughts on “Our Children are NOT Human Capital!”

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    Chomsky, Greenwald , Poitras, Snowden, Wolfe, Taibbi, Nader, Sanders, and above all Chris Hedges and. Bill McKibben should be in the charter school business. We need to design truth based education and to raise generations to question authority and the corporate crime cabal’s authority to rule.

    1. Truth-based education … uh, what’s that? We’ve never learned the truth! 🙂 And honestly, I am against charter schools b/c I’m from the ‘old school’ that says EVERY child has a right to a free, good, public education and charter schools ain’t that. 🙂

  2. Just another attack on public education. If the neoliberals like Barack Obama get their way, all education will be private as it is in India, and only rich people will send their kids to school.

    1. And you know, the sad thing about that is both Obama and the missus went to public schools b/c neither family had the money to send them to private schools. How dare they forget/ignore/lie to themselves about their REAL roots!

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