John Oliver Rips Billionaire Sports Owners

5 thoughts on “John Oliver Rips Billionaire Sports Owners”

  1. This video explains why our local leaders in Milwaukee can shove that new Bucks Arena where the sun don’t shine!

    1. Hey Sis you are famous! That goddamned arena got mentioned by John Oliver!!!! This was a great vid, and it was so good I had to sit here the whole 20 minutes and listen to it — not only did he present some serious facts, he did it in an entertaining way! MAKE THEM PAY! MAKE THEM PAY!

      1. Sis,
        WI is famous for all the wrong reasons. We love John Oliver’s show “Last Week Tonight” It’s on Sunday nights on HBO. His show is a combination of “The Daily Show” (which John Oliver is an alum) and The Colbert Report. On our local news last night, it looks like this arena is going to go through. Milwaukee County is the ONLY county in WI helping to pay for this POS. Even though the people came out and spoke out against this, it’s being rammed down our throats anyway. The will of the people means nothing. Scott and I seriously want to get the hell out of WI before we have to start paying for this garbage.

  2. Wisconsin is, I think, somewhere close to $5 billion in the hole and yet that POS governor can find the money to build this monstrosity!? He’s nothing but a whore for the rich in Wisconsin!

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