Iran Is NOT Our Enemy

3 thoughts on “Iran Is NOT Our Enemy”

  1. Excellent vid Sis! Now why is it that we peons understand that our elected terrorists have lied about E-V-E-R-Y war we have gotten into? The Wall St terrorists need wars all over the planet so they can continue draining the planet of what little money is left — as the vid said: The true terrorists are on Wall St and all over Washington DC!
    The other day Alternet had an article about a tectonic plate off the coast of Cali and Washington State and that when it shifts it will cause more damage than we’ve seen before … I asked if our elected terrorists and SCOTUS could be there when it happens; now I need to add Wall St to the party! 😀

    1. When I see all the crime in this country (not to mention all the countries in this vid) being perpetrated by our elected terrorists and the Wall St terrorists it makes me feel like your avatar 😦

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