If We Must be Forced to Live a Novel, Let it Be Les Miserables!

One thought on “If We Must be Forced to Live a Novel, Let it Be Les Miserables!”

  1. Sis,
    This is a great article. Thanks for posting. As someone who read the book AND saw the movie “1984” and saw the 1978 classic movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” with Donald Sutherland, this article gave me the chills. This shit is happening right before our eyes. George Carlin commented years ago about the dumbing down of the population. (BTW, that’s exactly what TPTB want) The poll cited here is downright sad and frightful. Our society IS the 2 books mentioned here. This is all so depressing and why there are days I must stay away from politics. I like the way this article ends but the sad reality is that you can’t talk to people. They don’t want to listen or they just are so vapid and worry about the next sporting event or whatever other crap is out there. Scott and I have tried to make rational observations to people but they just don’t get it! They see the world in black and white and nothing else. Racism, hate, etc. stand in the way of people coming together. “Let us join together and demand a pull back of this military empire while also demanding that the super rich get taxed much much more, and the rest of us get taxed that much less. Shall we start there?”
    True. That is a good place to start. But we have talked to people who don’t think this is the problem! They think it’s those “takers” who are the problem! OMG! WTF?! You just can’t talk to people. That is the sad but true. 😦

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