Power to Baltasar Garzon!

2 thoughts on “Power to Baltasar Garzon!”

  1. After caring for one of Pinochet’s torture victims for many years, I have been Garzon’s biggest fan ever since he issued the indictment leading to Pinochet’s arrest in Britain in 1998. I literally wept when I heard about the arrest on NPR. Later I campaigned against the Spanish government’s trumped up charges that led Garzon to be removed from the bench in 2012. This all happened at the behest of the Obama State Department because Garzon was attempting to indict Bush, Cheney and other members of his administration for war crimes.

    1. You are a seriously impressive human being Dr. Bramhall — you act on your words AND beliefs!
      I thought the news in this article was outstanding and exactly what this sad country needs as it is way past time our corporations be held responsible for the crimes they have been committing and continue to commit on a daily basis!

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