It’s Time for Wall Street to Rob From Themselves and Give to Us!

2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Wall Street to Rob From Themselves and Give to Us!”

  1. Of course we know there won’t be “enough” to go around for these … I’m sorry, we need a more vicious and scathing term of opprobrium than I can think of! — !@#$%^&*, since greed is beyond infinite and insatiable. Too bad we can’t induce them to start gnawing their own entrails, but they might just like it, who knows? And they should never, ever, enjoy a damned thing the rest of their heartless lives! Or am I being too harsh? Don’t think so! Thanks for all your heartfelt work! – Linda

    1. Goddess I love the way you think Linda!!!! 😀 And I concur — I always liked the idea of using the guillotine [on BOTH their heads!] but I think in their case it is just a little too quick as I want them to have plenty of time to think about what they’ve done and how painful their imminent death WILL be, so I’m thinking in terms of stretching their arms and legs to posts in the middle of the desert so their bodies (entrails included!) can feed all those wonderful creatures that inhabit the desert; let’s see … there are crows, and eagles, and scorpions; ooh, and all manner of slithery, slimy, scaly snakes! Imagine the level of pain they would FEEL long b4 they succumbed to death … I just had a little climax imagining this for Lloyd Blankbrain and Jamie not-so-shiny-Dimon!

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