The Peons Deserve a Chance at the Well

4 thoughts on “The Peons Deserve a Chance at the Well”

  1. In my view, this will only work if banks are simultaneously banned from creating money out of thin air – the creation and management of the money supply needs to be returned to the public through their government representatives. Debt-based money needs to be totally eliminated.

    1. I agree Dr. Bramhall, it’s time to shut down the Fed since it is NOT a government entity! Iceland got it right when they took control of their banks and nationalized them — we should have done that in 2008!

  2. One of these days the message about money and banking is going to get through, upon which there will be widespread “overturning of the tables of the money-changers.” …A global “Iceland moment”. It can’t happen too soon, that’s for certain; ending the biggest financial scam in world history.

    1. Goddess I hope so Jerry! From some of the articles I am reading, it sounds like the next implosion is right around the corner and will be worse than 2008. I’m not particularly looking forward to that, but if this is what it takes to change things permanently then so be it!

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