Bush-Dark is an Excellent Example of The Peter Principle

6 thoughts on “Bush-Dark is an Excellent Example of The Peter Principle”

  1. After listening to a good number of the speeches, one found that there were some leaders who came across as a “little too dramatic” in their voice inflection, so telling who was entirely truthful or not. Unfortunately Mr. Obama was one of those whose talks included theatrical emphasis while making certain points. along with pauses for effect. The worrying part came when he said he wouldn’t hesitate to act unilaterally to protect US interests, a clear statement he’d use military force without first finding agreement in the UN Security Council. Although not as madly exuberant as Clinton after Gaddafi’s murder, Obama seemed to be strangely satisfied while sharing the negative consequences on Russia of sanctions. When one considers the Nuland phone call and “f%@k the EU”, “Yats is the guy”, etc., his saying Ukraine means nothing to us is unbelievable. Sad, really.

    1. Excellent points Jerry — especially your last sentence. It took a calmer head than mine to point out how sad this country and its ‘leaders’ really are! I read this article to my husband and he said that come next November he might actually write-in Vlad Putin for president in this country; while it would certainly make a statement, I think I respect the man too much to saddle him with the idiots in DC! 🙂

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