Trevor Noah is Making It His Own

11 thoughts on “Trevor Noah is Making It His Own”

  1. We have also watched Trevor Noah’s first week. In our opinion the entire week of shows was somewhat of a departure from Jon’s version of the show. Trevor did the Moment of Zen on Monday thru Wednesday and we believe the absence of Moment of Zen was only due to the musical guest having the stage for the last 10 minutes of the show. It was not a total departure for the show to have a musical guest because Jon did have occasional musical guests, just not as frequently as say Stephen Colbert had. The first week was of course a case of the new host getting his feet wet and the audience getting to know a new face at the helm for the first time in almost 17 years. Trevor has clearly shown that he has comedic potential, it’s just that he doesn’t yet possess the gravitas that Jon Stewart earned over his long tenure. It will be nearly impossible for the existing audience to forget the irreplaceable Mr. Stewart, but he can find a new niche. His verbalized decision to not go after the hypocrisy of FOX News is troubling because they are the antithesis of what TDS stands for but hopefully Trevor will find the appropriate avenues, to as Jon put it in the last show, call out the bullshit from where it emanates from which one cannot deny, FOX is the prime source in the media world. Agreed that John Oliver has picked up the mantle of activist journalism and has succeeded to spur hashtag participation from his audience to institute change on a grander scale. Jon did do that as well in his role on TDS in a less pop culture style than Oliver or Stephen Colbert did, but did have his own effect on how people view injustices that they can do something about. We hope that Trevor also begins to assume that role. Seeing Oliver and Colbert together on The Late Show was pure magic and showed what power liberal views on society can still wield. We believe Noah is definitely watchable television and a talent in his own right despite his different style, but he will only be able to aspire to the greatness Jon Stewart achieved in his tenure on the show. We wish him the best of luck in those aspirations though, because we still need it.

    1. SALUTATIONS SIS!!!!! 😀 😀
      I feel much the same as you do — Noah has a different style, and I think that’s a good thing. I only saw Stewart the last 3/4 years so I have no idea what he was like when he first started … it would be interesting to see the changes in him over the years (not to compare the 2 of them, but just to see how Stewart grew into his character on TDS). With what is going on in the world right now, and especially with the waaaay too early beginning of this latest silly season I need all the laughs I can get!

      1. Thnx for the link Sis — I haven’t checked it yet as I have had a very busy day! I had to clean out the Element b/c Mike takes it to dialysis and NEVER cleans it! It’s starting to get cooler so we can start taking the dogs with us again, but there was too much crap for me to feel safe letting them be in it! Anyway, now it’s clean and my back is killing me! 🙂
        Alternet has regular articles about Larry Wilmore so will start reading them — the tv is in Mike’s room and is prone to throwing fits if I suggest we watch something that he’s not really interested in! 🙂

      2. You’re welcome, Sis 😀 I’m glad the Element is clean but it’s too bad your back is now killing you 😦 Sounds like you need a TV just for yourself! 😀

    2. I think I do need my own tv! 🙂 Sometimes I can watch shows on my laptop, but sometimes the sound is awful, or the picture locks — windows 10 still has some bugs to work out >:-<
      You know I left my laptop on my bed a few weeks ago to go get something in the kitchen and when I came back my puter was having its own private lightning show! Chaco had stepped on it and completely wiped out the screen! That was the second big problem I had had with that laptop so I didn't even try to rescue it — I ordered a laptop online and it is dedicated to ONLY the bills, and this one is a small laptop that I use for everything else, and I have a stand next to my bed that I put it on so it's safely out of Chaco's paws! 🙂 I seriously need about 9 fewer dogs (Chaco is 85 pounds so she's all 4 schnauzers in 1)! I love them all but I seriously don't have the energy to take care of them AND Mike! 🙂

      1. Have you noticed that the last few windows programs are terrible until they get the bugs worked out? I installed my old-old-old copy of windows 7 on the big laptop, but I couldn’t put it on this little one b/c it doesn’t have a disk drive and when I logged onto windows to see if I could download it on this one it said the program was too far out of date! Talk about planned obsolescence! Gates can’t make his next billion if all those old programs that actually worked were active and downloadable! GRRRRRR!

      2. Absolutely, Sis! We the consumers are the ones who are left to work the bugs out and deal with Gates crappy software. We are the guinea pigs.

      3. And from the sounds of it, it will just get worse when the TPP actually goes into effect. I think Mike would be very happy if the internet got shut down by the TPP, but I think it would drive me nuts! I’ve even been buying my groceries online for the last couple of months, and it has saved me a lot of money b/c I’m not in the store where there are temptations down every aisle — I just buy the stuff I need and go pick up the already bagged groceries later the same day! Maybe this will be what finally gets our fellow peons in the street?!?!?

      4. “Maybe this will be what finally gets our fellow peons in the street?!?!?”
        I would like to think so, Sis.

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