A Decisive Shift In The Power Balance Has Occurred

4 thoughts on “A Decisive Shift In The Power Balance Has Occurred”

    1. Do great minds think alike, or what??? This is the comment I posted on the site that has this article:
      “If Obama cannot admit a mistake, the United States will continue to lose credibility and prestige around the world.”
      I think this statement comes a little too late — do we seriously still have any credibility or prestige, especially since Bush-dark’s 8 years followed 8 years of the idiot Bush and his antichrist.

      Now, let me tell you about my latest computer travails … I left my laptop on the bed while I went out to the kitchen to get something to drink and when I returned my poor Sony was having its own private lightning show! Chaco had stepped on the screen in her mad rush to follow me! Since this was the second time I had had major problems with that laptop I decided to give it a decent burial and get a different one. 🙂 **Chaco now weighs 85 pounds, but she is such a lover I couldn’t get angry at her — but I DID learn to stop leaving my laptop on the bed! Nice to see you again Shelby!

      1. Nice to see you Wolfess! I’ve taken a much needed break. Sometimes, it’s just got to be done or I’ll spontaneously combust and that is a fact!

        And yes, great minds DO indeed, think a like! Chaco sounds like a darling!

      2. She is a darling, but sometimes I wonder if she hasn’t been hired on at the NSA b/c she sure is good at shutting down my voice!
        I understand about taking breaks so you don’t combust — I have red hair and the temper that goes with it, and it’s only gotten worse since menopause! 🙂 You have a wonderful rest of your evening Shelby, and I’ll make a point of stopping in at your blog 2moro 🙂

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