Behind Every Silver Lining is a Thick Black Cloud

4 thoughts on “Behind Every Silver Lining is a Thick Black Cloud”

  1. Meanwhile, Fukushima has sent radiation into the Pacific Ocean and the environment 24/7 for some four and a half years. Kind of like “pick your poison” these days. Apparently it’s become impossible to do anything to stop radiation coming from Fukushima. At least with fossil fuels and war there’s a fighting chance. On the other hand, a lot of truth emerging and increasing the number of aware gives people a measure of relief that conditions are improving.

    1. When Fukushima was originally melting down our local nuclear power plant was experiencing its own problems, only the local ‘news’ sources never reported on anything that could be construed as ‘dangerous’ so to this day I have no idea how bad things got here. Like you said — pick your poison — and in some cases it appears we don’t even get to ‘pick’. I’ve been afraid to eat seafood for years now b/c of the bp spill and Fukushima, and now with an article I read on Common Dreams last week it appears that eating any meat increases our chances of getting cancer. I enjoy hummus, but I would be hard-pressed to give up my grilled steak and bacon spaghetti! 🙂

      1. Don’t know if you’re aware of him, but Dana Durnford in British Columbia has done a ton of work revealing the truth on Fukushima. He just got in legal hot water over calling out nuclear regulators involved in the continuing coverup. Richie Allen on YouTube has a strong interview with Dana Durnford, posted about a week ago. It wouldn’t surprise if that interview generated the legal action against him.

  2. Just a clarification or update on Mr. Durnford. At the Memory Hole Blog someone commented that he might have crossed the line with threats of violence, so, the jury is still out. My initial thoughts was Durnford was being persecuted because the few times I’ve listened to him he came across as a straight shooter. Time will tell if he’s straight or not.

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