Big Brother is Out of Control

8 thoughts on “Big Brother is Out of Control”

  1. If we can’t get to you, we can always find your parents, children or relatives. Hmm, who does that remind us of? N. Korea, Stalin, Saddam, Mafia etc. If the governments all behave like Gangsters, then maybe that’s what they are: Gangsters! Greetings.

    1. Mafia YESSSSS! I always think of Don Corleone when he says, “keep your family close, but keep your enemies closer,” but you are right — the mafia ‘offs’ with impunity and that is obviously what we are doing in the Middle East!
      Of course you know what I call our elected representatives — elected terrorists — compare what we are doing to far too many countries on this planet with what al Qaeda, Daesh, ISIS/ISIL have been doing since we started terrorizing them, there’s absolutely no flokking difference!

      Pwr 2 the PEACEFUL peons!

  2. When one pledges allegiance to the flag, one had best be certain that the entire family and/or extended family does the same.
    “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too…”

    1. I had to laugh at your quote donzo, but then I realized when it comes to our elected terrorists it is definitely an apt analogy of their behavior and that means it’s really not funny! And since I am a ‘postmenopausal witch that enjoys playing with dolls [poppets]’ I take umbrage at being compared to the scum that ARE our elected terrorists! 😀
      But I WILL think of your comment the next time anyone is saying the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’! 🙂

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