Our Little Dick-traitor and His Lies!

7 thoughts on “Our Little Dick-traitor and His Lies!”

    1. I don’t detect any irony in this statement Dr. Bramhall! I wish I could say it astounds me when any of our elected terrorists lie, unfortunately, it’s that old joke — How can you tell when a politician is lying? ——– His lips are moving. I was going to write that Obama is a good politician, but he really isn’t, as if he was good at lying it would be much harder to tell when he lies!
      And you are right, the US hasn’t been a democracy in probably more than 100 years 😦

    1. Laureate … lying ass? You can have a ‘piece’ of that for a price???? Like I told tube, I think they’ve put some kind of ‘dumb-down’ drug in our water ‘cos THAT’S the only thing that explains this idiot getting elected TWICE; and when you combine that with the 8 years of the shrub I don’t see how we can come to any other conclusion!

      1. Smoke and mirrors, it’s all a freaking trick. I mean how can any Amerikan know for certain that our government is legitimate? Take Congress’ word on the matter?

      2. Take Congress’ word????? Hahahahaha — thanks Donzo, I needed that! 😀 This ‘fight’ that the obadrone and the reptoxicons have been having these past 7 years is nothing more than a game of good cop/bad cop — they’re all on the same side (the side that ISN’T where we are) they just have to play this game so the idiots that vote for them will continue being that stooooopid!

  1. United States Middle East actions have so severely harmed relations with the people of the region that doing the right thing – withdrawing all military forces, apologizing and offering reparations – has become effectively impossible because reconciliation between America and people of the Middle East will take generations. Unfortunately, instead of hammering out a fair, agreed-upon-by-all treaty with verifiable measures to fairly divide the region’s oil/natural gas resources and profits, war was chosen. Will those who wish to control Middle East resources become willing to start a world war for that objective, especially since they know the people of the region will most likely not forgive the great harm inflicted over decades? Therein lies the present unthinkable danger.

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