Trump: Fear & Loathing in America

3 thoughts on “Trump: Fear & Loathing in America”

    1. Now see — this is more proof no matter where we get our news we are NOT getting ALL of it! I knew nothing about it until I read your comment! Could you post a link so I can read it? When I finish this comment I’m going to go looking for some news on it, but I have no way of knowing if I’ll find anything — you’d think this would be a big enough story to post on at least a few of the progressive news sites. Thanks Jerry!

      1. Go to “Press TV News Videos” channel on YouTube as they’ve done some reports, as they’re the only ones who I’ve noticed. Perhaps “Nigeria” in WordPress Reader might provide some info. Sheikh Zakzaky is the leader who’s been taken into custody, and whose home was where the massacre occurred. You wouldn’t believe the massive crowds of followers the man drew. Three of his sons were killed in a 2014 Palestine support march, and apparently his fourth son and wife were killed in the recent event. If the Paris terrorist attacks killing 129 made international news, one has to wonder how 1,000 killed gets no coverage. Nigerian oil ‘might’ have something to do with it.

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