Consumer Slavedom as Freedom

6 thoughts on “Consumer Slavedom as Freedom”

    1. Yes true the Illuminati roots to the Masonic orders go back to Renaissance times and the USA was a royal corporation (colony) of Empire. Now we lead the war machine and consumerism. Since the industrial revolution and the establishment of the FED in 1913 and WWI the engineering of consent and industrial farming of humankind has advanced and constricted it’s coils around the necks of free thinking wild spirited ” needs based” anti-war minded citizens. Now we are all pawns and our leader puppets in the dark saga of capitalist tyranny’s final act .

    2. Thank you for the link Dr. Bramhall — don’t much like what it said, but the way he laid it out makes it impossible to ignore the truth! Only 21 years out of 239 that we haven’t been at war in at least one country, and more often than not, many more than just one! So much for “bringing democracy to the masses.”

    1. I knew once I posted these 2 articles that you’d be over JT — damn scary to think that everything you’ve been saying for years now (our time together at Current) is absolutely true! Thank you for the reblogs, and a joyous Yule to you and your family. 🙂

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