More Truth About the WH Oreo

6 thoughts on “More Truth About the WH Oreo”

    1. And to think I was having a pretty good day until you had to go and drop that bomb! 🙂 This puts him on the same level as Dick Cheney or Zbigniew Brzezinski [edit: + Henry Kissinger] — too evil to die and let we peons live in peace! No lie gag me with a spoon (thanks for that flashback)! 🙂
      **Tube and Donzo need this information as I would love to see their response to it on their blogs!

      1. Please allow me to apologize for sending you to the floor of disgust Tube. 😦 I seriously hope he screws up so bad in this last year that he has no choice but to continue to follow in the shrub’s footsteps; and no, I do NOT want to see him do a self-portrait in the shower; like so ewwwwww!
        You know, he was in Omaha this week — I seriously cannot believe how many idiots there are still out there that believe it’s all the reptoxicon’s fault that he hasn’t been able to do more.

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