Now Even PBS is Lying

9 thoughts on “Now Even PBS is Lying”

  1. PBS’s Newshour is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for amerikan government and it’s been that at least since the days of Bushco. Gravy Brooks is a zionist shill while Ruff Marcus is a whore for the Washington Whore Post. Shills, whores, and bullshit. Wow, is that about amerikan or what.

    1. Ms. Woodruff also, coincidentally, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most powerful private organization on Earth. CFR, especially its board of directors, controls Washington and American policy, more commonly described as the “puppeteers” calling the shots.

      1. So that means CFR is part of our shadow government?? Between you and Dr. Bramhall I have learned a lot more than I ever had reading even the ‘good’ news sites — thank you!

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