Dr. Stein vs. ‘Feeling the Bern’

2 thoughts on “Dr. Stein vs. ‘Feeling the Bern’”

    1. I voted for Dr. Stein in 2012, and like you, I will be doing that again. I am a registered Independent and have been for most of my adult voting life b/c it always seems like my favorite candidate gets forced out in the primary so then I have to start over again — it’s been much easier to not even get invested in it until after the primary. 🙂 I like Bernie, but that statement he made early about how he wouldn’t be a ‘spoiler’ by running as an Independent if he lost to HRC really bothered me — I don’t want her anywhere NEAR the WH!
      I’m watching 2 stories 2nite — the blizzard we’re getting 2nite thru Wed morn, and the Iowa caucus, lots of guaranteed excitement! 😉

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