Bernie Sanders, Loyal Democrat

2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders, Loyal Democrat”

  1. Bernie doesn’t have a chance to “win” the demo nod. The game is rigged against. By design so as to keep the lowly icky people in check. Which is why Wasserman-Schmutz is at the controls of the DNC. It’s all a trick kids, don’t believe any of it.

    1. And how many of those who think this is our last chance to vote in a good man will choke down their disappointment and fall in line for Killary?
      I was against Killary b4 it was fashionable to be against her — my father worked for the National Park Service and when Bubba and Killary were in the WH the last time I read an article that said her/their plan was to sell the mineral rights on our national parks to corporations; Bubba has always been a fuck job, and Killary will always be a whore.

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