The Bombs May Not Have Dropped Yet, But We ARE at War

12 thoughts on “The Bombs May Not Have Dropped Yet, But We ARE at War”

    1. Thank you for the reblog, JT. And we definitely do need to be OCCUPYING this goddamned hellhole b4 there’s nothing left to occupy! But I ain’t bitter 😀

  1. “Where are the dissidents in art, film, the theatre, and literature?” Short answer would be, marginalized. Disenfranchised. Silenced.
    Hmmm, let us break out in song and dance the blues –
    My country misery
    Sweet land of libertine excess
    Of thee we sing
    Land where our fathers went off to war
    Came back and
    Didn’t say a goddamn word…

    1. I’d like to thank you for your most excellent song, but it is way too true for me to be thankful for your words 😀 But hey, thnx for taking the time to comment Skulz!

      1. Have I blundered? An error in judgment? Have I once again sinned against our shared humanity? Mea Culpa Maxia Culpa!!
        I must grovel and wear sackcloth and throw ashes on mine head. Oh wretched worm that I am…


        Thanks for asking me how everything is in my neck of the woods. Well, I am glad that due to modern technology I can keep myself informed about what is going on in the world. Due to age-related disabilities I cannot read as much as I would like. However, the way I see it is, that the nuclear threat is getting more and more real for mankind.

        I am interested in who is going to be the next President of the USA.

      2. Ah yes, age-related disabilities — my husband has many more of those than I do, but I have many days when I have a definite catch in my git-along. 🙂
        I haven’t decided if I’m really interested in who is going to be our next prez (still feeling very disappointed with the current one). I know I definitely do NOT want killery, trumpf, or cruz, and while I probably will not vote for Sanders I do think he would at least be a decent president. In the last midterms I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for every office that was open and while they didn’t get elected, one of our worst congressmen lost his seat, so I figure my write-in really helped that along, and at this point in the current silly season I am seriously considering writing them in again for president and veep!

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