It is Beyond Time to GUILLOTINE the Political Establishment!

4 thoughts on “It is Beyond Time to GUILLOTINE the Political Establishment!”

  1. You know wolfsy my first thought months ago was that Trump was a strawman to ensure Killer E. Clinton wins. But then he echoed so many truths about the criminality of the Clinton foundation and bad trade deals and the Wall Street Cabal ,similar to Sanders, that I really am unsure. I absolutely hate fat boy Christie, but he is calling for the equal application of the law. If they promise to prosecute the Bush-Clinton-Rothschild Mafia and put them all in prison, and disclose that 9-11 and ISIS IS REALLY ISRAEL, then I would have vote for them. Sanders is such a disappointment for caving in before the convention and endorsing that Evil bitch, that I totally have lost faith in any progressive reforms ever coming from the left. What do you think ? WHAT ABOUT TRUMP-STEIN (JILL). This would be a winner even though it would be a literal TRUMP-n- STEIN MONSTER. Frankie was an anti-hero you know, it was the Dr. That created him who was evil.

    1. Trump-n-Stein — that actually has a decent ring to it! 🙂 I thought as you did — that Trump was a strawman for her reprehensible cunt[on]. Mike and I have done some serious talking about all this, but haven’t quite decided yet what way to go — I voted for Jill Stein in 2012 and am seriously considering doing that again, but … there’s also something to be said for voting for Trump just to keep that-who-shall-remain-nameless from getting in. In the 2014 midterms I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden in EVERY race so I just might take your counsel and vote for Trump and write-in Stein for veep! 🙂 I’m hoping for a November 9 surprise on the order of the Brexit surprise in Britain — wouldn’t it be truly loverly if all the disenfranchised peons voted Trump in as prez??? Imagine how upset Bernie would be then! 😀

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