1. Wow JT, you have no idea how honored I am that you used my name for him in your title to this article! That said, how can that self-same Bush-dark shoot off his mouth consoling the Louisiana peons in one breath while selling oil leases in the very next breath??? If this upcoming election wasn’t so important I would protest by voting for Vlad Putin for president this year! One thing’s for damned sure — he’s a better, more humane president than bush-dark ever dreamed of being!

    1. I remember naively defending Bush Dark in the beginning. We are led by wolves and fooled by thieves. No malice against wolves. It is the two legged werewolves of Wall Street and Washington that cannibalize us all for their own self interest . We are all so brainwashed and confused by design. Clearly as I can see through the fog of false flag terror and covert geopolitical propagandq, Russia and China are not our enemies. Our enemies are within our cancerous satanic khazarian mafia controlled government and Trump is the only animal that can fuck them hard. Killer E. Clinton should be burned alive in a dumpster with Slick Willie and the entire Bush-Obama orgy.

      1. ” Killer E. Clinton should be burned alive in a dumpster with Slick Willie and the entire Bush-Obama orgy.” I had a little orgasm picturing this — you are seriously firing on all cylinders JT!
        I was so blown away by bush-dark in the run-up to the ’08 election that I even went so far as to CAMPAIGN for him, but by 2012 I had more than learned my lesson and voted for Jill Stein. I will vote for her again this year as I refuse to vote lesser evil ever again in my life!

      2. I was for beanie then jill. BUT TRUMP TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT KILLER E.CLINTON and the racketeering and selling of America and depletion of military in Stupid Wars, he questions 9-11 and says Clinton and Obama created ISIS. So we must avoid WWIII and Trump loves PUTIN.

  2. There’s some speculation on the web about Trump running to guarantee that disgusting postmenopausal banshee wins the election — his comments certainly do seem to point in that direction, but if he actually won I don’t see him turning the reins over to that one. We know the banshee has some serious health problems, and Trump is older than she is (remember what happened to Reagan :-). I have also heard that both candidates want to privatize as many gov’t programs as they can get away with, and THAT is one thing I truly do NOT want to see happen; but, with how few members of the reptoxicon establishment support him I’d like to think that if he got in, his own party would keep him from getting anything accomplished — we know that would not be the case with the banshee b/c she’s basically a reptoxicon in democrat’s clothing therefore, she’s the more evil candidate. I guess I’d put it this way — I don’t want Trump to be president, but I want the banshee in the WH even less.

    1. The Vatican is in control of the banks and the Rothschilds work for the pope. But he is getting rid of satanic factions and pedophiles. The p2 masonic lodge supports both trump and VP Tim Kaine .Kaine is a Jesuit.Pope wins either way.I agree at first I thought Trump was a strawman to ensure Killer E. Clinton victory. This may still be the case.But I feel stronger that he Has destroyed the rethuglican party and next is the DemonCrats. A new age is coming NOT THE NWO.

      1. ” … I feel stronger that he Has destroyed the rethuglican party and next is the DemonCrats.” Actually that makes a lot of sense — when I read it I didn’t even wonder about the validity of that concept — it just seems right.

        Concerning the NWO — we don’t have the weapons, or the moolah it takes to be king of the world anymore, and Russia/China [BRICS nations] are putting some serious monkey wrenches in that concept. And while we have a number of trade agreements with other nations, bush-dark seriously seems to be having trouble getting the TPP ratified (I am seriously hoping it NEVER gets passed) and if it never comes to fruition won’t that put another serious roadblock in the NWO?

        **Completely off the subject: after I listened to your latest Anonymous vid I clicked on the vid about Sanders and Hedges — I’m still listening to it, but so far I think it might be worth posting on here.

      2. I like what the BRICS NATIONS ARE DOING TO THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA FAKE JEWISH TERROR STATE and this unfortunately for us peons, means America Inc. as well. However world peace disarmament and a new golden age of cooperation and truth free from hierarchical dynasties and satanic greed is best for all species and the health of the biosphere. A return to Eden is what I long for. Utopia exists in the mind of all who hunger for freedom peace and love. We can have no mercy for parasites and tyrants. We must avenge the slaughter of the Kennedys and the innocents that have fallen victim to human greed and iniquity. Surely the fallen angels have conquered earth and corrupted civilization. Satan is the Lord of this world as we have been told. The Vatican is his seat of power. We have been warned that when man tinkers with the source of life itself: genetic engineering and weaponized weather , as the leaves all from the trees we know that the end of one season is at hand.. .or whatever . God makes more sense to me everyday. The way of man is the way of death, who can argue with this conviction ? Atheists must be the biggest fools if they think that logic and pure science can solve the problems of defects in human nature.

  3. I do not support the corporate world and privatization enslavement of ruling elite dynasties. Trump is against TPP as was Sanders. I an wary of his Law and Order claims and his stance on fossil fuels, but all this may be slick pandering for votes. I need to hear more about 9-11 and World Peace and an end to Zionist Terror. He cannot come right out and denounce Israel or he will die. Will he be a Kennedy or a Stalin? Weven have nothing to lose by trying to stop KillerQueen, but everything is at stake. I look at his children and they are extremely smart and elitist but not obvious reptillians, psychopathic kardashians and seem to be reserved , even refined and noble in their mannerisms and attributes. UNLIKE THE INBRED ROYALS OF EUROPE or the UGLY AMERICAN political puppets we are so used to. He says what do we have to lose ? If a Jill Stein vote is a vote for Killer E. , then I am leaning toward Donald Duck.

  4. I believe in Anonymous, Hedges and Nader, Snowden and Greenwald. Can’t trust Status Quo, not sure about sanders anymore, he should have taken Green Party ticket offered by Stein.

  5. Well talking about off subject conversations with myself…. I must add that avoiding war at all costs and freeing the world from debt slavery and ritual pedophilia and cannibalism is the prime motive for keeping transgendered shape shifting Killer E.Obama from seizing the Anti-Christ’s throne and killing us all. Have you considered that All War and Abortion is nothing more than human sacrifice to Satan? Really think about the origins of Christmas and Easter – pagan ritual scribe of firstborn’s and worship of the golden bull- WALL STREET HAS THE GOLDEN BULL STATUE IN FRONT OF THE EXCHANGE AND A PYRAMID TEMPLE ON THE ROOF- wonder what goes on up there?

    1. I am a true, and utter WITCH! I do NOT believe in ANY ‘organized religion’ b/c of what they did to my RETARDED son! The ONLY way to truly birth ANY new nation is to utterly reject ANY & ALL FORMS OF ORGANIZED RELIGION as they are an ENORMOUS part of the problem! That said, do you know that Constantine was the terrorist that birthed catholicism/organized religion? He made the Wiccan Gods and Goddesses catholic saints so Wiccans would accept the catholic ‘god’ and worship according to ‘christianity’; and if they rejected his gawd, he would have them executed. RELIGION … is truly the root of A-L-L-L-L-L evil b/c its’ birth was the death of everything b4 it!

      The biggest problem in this country is that NOTHING is holding back the 1% and since they are complete and utter narcissists if OUR GOV’T fails to rein them in/hold them accountable, they will absolutely STEAL as much as they can, for as long as they can! KILL them and their INBRED, EVIL SPAWN b4 they can obliterate this planet entirely! So. Mote. This. POWERFULLY. Be!

      1. Ok I like it and respect your views. I do not respect organized religions of any kind either as they are tools of the ruling class. I do believe that the origins of man stem from a higher ‘good’ entity and that as I said war and abortion are organized albeit covertly ritual sacrifices to the dark forces of evil.

      2. 🙂
        I do believe there truly are ‘forces of evil’ but … I don’t think those forces would have anything close to the power they do have if powerful men hadn’t so willingly given themselves over to selfishness, and greed; i.e.: your “tools of the ruling class.”

      3. All true. I am a fan of Ancient Aliens and the concept that all ‘Gods’ reputedly came from the sky imparting knowledge and technology to man to guide and evolve the species . All religions have this in common but of course give power to Jim Jones or George Bush for example and they run with it.

      4. Both excellent examples of the inbreeding I was talking about 🙂 😀
        ” … give power to Jim Jones or George Bush for example and they run with it.” Yeah, like right off the cliff!!!! 🙂 My dad used to say about various people he knew that “he’s got just enough intelligence to be dangerous” — that certainly fits the shrub! 🙂

      5. Poppy Bush is probably in that shadow group as he was prominent in The Carlyle Group, and there has been some talk on the web about his time in the CIA and a possible connection to JFK’s assassination. And everybody knows the shrub was nothing more than a figurehead, while Cheney actually ran the show.

  6. Henceforth Obama will be known by me as: The Black Walnut, Clinton as: Killer E. Queen, and Trump as : Dr. LECTER , Mad Hatter, Trumplestilskin, High Priest, Master of Confusion, The Entertainer, Mr. Mixer, Daddy Warbucks.

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