Dump Trump Before He Does Real Damage

2 thoughts on “Dump Trump Before He Does Real Damage”

    1. You are so lucky you don’t live in the US 😦 When we look at the soon-to-be-government here we see Trump —- Pence —– Ryan: there is absolutely no way to win no matter who we get rid of.
      My husband and I have a little ‘cracker box’ house (864 sq. feet); 2 nice vehicles that are paid for, and we are living on SS and Mike’s VA disability which provides a comfortable existence, but with this soon-to-be government takeover I am seriously scared. All the years we worked we had low-paying-no-benefit-jobs (3 between the 2 of us) and we just eked out a living for more than 20 years — I don’t want to go back there b/c now there is no way Mike could work at all with his congestive heart failure and end stage kidney failure so if I had to work, someone would have to come take care of him while I worked and that means I couldn’t make enough to even make it worth looking for a job (especially since I’m 63). But I ain’t bitter … yet! 🙂

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