CIA meddled in ‘hundreds’ of elections: Ron Paul talks Russia-blaming, fake news and more on RT

8 thoughts on “CIA meddled in ‘hundreds’ of elections: Ron Paul talks Russia-blaming, fake news and more on RT”

  1. As Dr. Paul reminded us: the harridan had an internet server AT HER HOME; ergo, IF all that crap about Russia hacking her email had ANY basis in fact then we would be FORCED to realize whatever ‘hacking’ was done IS HER FAULT FOR HAVING A SERVER IN HER BASEMENT! Done, and done — whatever the TRUTH might be it is her fault!

      1. I’ve heard that it’s a DNC employee that is angry about what ditsy debbie and the harridan did to Bernie Sanders — that makes a helluva lot more sense than Russia doing ANYTHING! But I still like the idea of blaming the harridan b/c she was stupid enough to put a server in her house 🙂

  2. Bill as in: Clinton? I honestly believe those stories awhile ago about her having Parkinson’s are true, and that the reason she did so many illegal things to get elected was b/c she knew this was going to be her last chance b4 her Parkinson’s symptoms got too pronounced to hide.

    **Ahhhh, I get it — demon … harridan; hahaha 😀
    I started out calling her a banshee but then I found out that ‘banshee’ is another word for the Morrigan — the Wiccan Goddess of wild creatures — of course I couldn’t insult the Morrigan by comparing Her to Killer e. so I changed her to the horrid harridan!

      1. Harpy – a foul malign creature in Greek mythology that is part woman and part bird
        a predatory person : leech : a shrewish woman
        synonyms: bad-tempered scolding woman; shrew; harridan, fishwife; gorgon;
        person who habitually preys upon others

        We’re both right!!!!! And harpy fits that to an ‘H’ especially since she can’t stop ‘harping’ about her emails! 🙂

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