US rep shocks CNN anchor by questioning Syria gas attack narrative

12 thoughts on “US rep shocks CNN anchor by questioning Syria gas attack narrative”

  1. It wasn’t Assad that released the sarin a few years ago, and I don’t believe it was Assad this time. Trump’s approval rating continues to drop so he needed to pull a ‘duhhhh-bya’ 🙂

    1. I thought he was smarter than that. THIS IS THE CLINTON-BUSH-ROCKEFELLER PLAN. We don’t know Who was bombed. I mean it may be ISIS and MOSSAD-CIA we are bombing I hope. Israel is undoubtedly bombing Assad, but Russia is bombing ISIS. I hope this is not the obvious WWIII prequel.

      1. This last silly season was worse than most — I knew I couldn’t/wouldn’t vote for the horrid harridan, but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Trump either,* and when I found out Stein wants to ban guns I knew I had no choice but to vote for Manning/Snowden and Assange.
        *Maybe things with Trump will improve now that Bannon has been muzzled. The other thing is that if something happens to Trump, Pence becomes prez and that’s as scary as the thought of ‘President Ryan’! No matter how you look at this, there is really no decent solution …

      2. Alex Jones and further Covert Geopolitics seem to be steering a plausible real life narrative of the unfolding global battle. A sign to China, a wink at Russian.?

  2. ” A sign to China, a wink at Russian.?” There’s an article on Common Dreams that argues the idea that Trump didn’t act till he did so that Putin and Assad had time to get people out of the area that Trump bombed; not sure if I’m ready to believe that just yet, but there are quite a few knowledgeable people that are coming out with that ‘wag the dog’ theory …

  3. yeah, I just think so much is covert and we’ll intentioned in line with The Trump promises to drain the swamp and restore America to the people that he needs to draw out the reptiles and exposes them in different ways. I hope Flynn and Bannon are in a war room somewhere saying on Obama and the Global cannibals.

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