Syrian govt has no chemical weapons, ‘absolutely no need to use it’ – Russian MoD

15 thoughts on “Syrian govt has no chemical weapons, ‘absolutely no need to use it’ – Russian MoD”

  1. “… the “authenticity” of information concerning this attack circulating in the media raises “serious doubts” not only among the Russian military but also “among many respected experts and organizations.”
    As well as among intelligent citizens of the US … as soon as the attack was announced I seriously doubted that Assad had anything to do with it.

  2. “The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said recently that that the country’s military had targeted an arms depot in Idlib where chemical weapons could have been stored by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front militants.”
    And our very own Crappy Idiot Assholes are the ones who just happen to be backing IS and al-Nusra, but who better to launch a false flag attack designed to get us into yet more war?

  3. “All chemical weapons stockpiles were shipped from Syria BY A U.S. VESSEL and subsequently destroyed in the US, the UK, Finland and Germany.”
    That would be the same ‘US vessel’ that kicked bin Laden out over the sea after we killed him?? 😀 The bottom line is that once those chemicals were in US hands no one can prove what actually happened to them!

    Excellent article JT — thank you for adding corroborating evidence to the vid that I posted!

      1. Only if the horrid harridan didn’t get her hands on them 🙂 if she did, they are definitely dead! 🙂

        Actually, I am one of those who think bin Laden died years b4 his “official” death was announced by bush-dark 🙂

  4. I know you did … wasn’t that one of the first articles you posted here???? Oh and, did you deal corn, carrots or soybeans to him? 😀 I know, I know it was craps — not him (or you) just the game 😉

    Back when I was just a wee lass my father was Superintendent of Ft. Laramie Nat’l Historic Site and the year Cheyenne Autumn came out they had the official launch at a theatre in Cheyenne and then came out to the fort for the day — I met Caroll Baker, Ricardo Montalban, John Wayne, Sal Mineo and Richard Widmark.
    And one of my fb friends is John Beasley (from Gilmore Girls). I met him when I took an acting class from his son 🙂

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