What Happened When Migrants Moved into My Family’s Sicilian Village

15 thoughts on “What Happened When Migrants Moved into My Family’s Sicilian Village”

  1. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Thumbing my nose at all slimeball racists and their Fuhrer, whatever country he may be leading, I’m reblogging this great story of one kind of reality on accepting refugees.

    1. Thank you Sha`Tara. The thing I really don’t understand is why so many Americans seem to be against allowing immigrants here when we are a-l-l-l-l-l immigrants (the only true Americans are Native Americans) and America was always considered to be the ‘great melting pot’ — as in: Emma Lazarus’ magnificent poem. I am truly disgusted with America and far too many Americans today — if we are the ‘indispensable nation’ we need to be far more accepting of those “tired, poor huddled masses longing to breathe free!”

      1. The problem is, the “American Ideal” was always a total illusion fed to “patriots” so they would go on believing in the face of unbelievable lies! The genocide of native Americans, slavery and segregation, endless racial conflicts, Jim Crow rule, lynchings, injustice, horrible poverty in cities and backwoods townships plus war after war, none of them legally declared, none of them with even a thread of legitimate reason but usually with manufactured evidence of “aggression” as the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident. Iraq, Lybia, now Afghanistan, Syria and wanting more… Since WWII the world has hated America, even though people driven from their homes by American jack-booting have slugged it to America’s shores and borders, to become exploitable cheap labour… From a non-American point of view, America is the horror show, the great lie. Trump is the inevitable legacy of such a system; he is the ultra ugly American and capitalist. If I were an “American” I would laugh and say, ‘Who, me? But I’m nobody. I live in a country that can’t even be bothered giving itself a name, so when I say I’m an American, that means I’m the same as all other Americans: Canadians, Mexicans, Panamanians, Brazilians and so forth. All who live in North, Central and South America are Americans! America (the USA) does not exist as a legitimate country so you have nothing to defend, or be ashamed of! Yee-hah!

    1. I too thought it was a beautiful story, and while there is a connection to our idiot-in-chief I really like the fact that ‘that one’ doesn’t have anything to do with the crux of the story!

      1. Starting a war in Sicily, I doubt it. He would be more likely to start one in “Shithole” Nigeria. If he tried in Sicily the Mafia would sell him non-working munitions, and he would lose that war. His ego could not take that, losing to The Mouse That Roared. Nigeria’s only weapons would be telephone solicitors, and he could hang up on them, maybe.
        The pipebomb gambit I cannot deny, he might mail one to you. But do not fear, it would not work. He is not capable of following directions.

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