Alex Jones: The Epitome of an Unthinking, Unfeeling Mo-RON

Alex Jones loses 2 Sandy Hook cases by default after failing to comply with court orders: report Bob Brigham  Raw Story  September 30, 2021 Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was found guilty of two defamation lawsuits after pushing the lie that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was a “false flag” operation carried out by “crisis … Continue reading Alex Jones: The Epitome of an Unthinking, Unfeeling Mo-RON

What An @$$!

Jeff Bezos Thanks Amazon Workers and Customers for Making Him So Rich He Can Go to Space And they say collective action isn’t possible. Tim Murphy Senior Reporter Bio | Follow On Tuesday, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the second billionaire in as many weeks to sort-of go to space. The world’s richest man spent … Continue reading What An @$$!

Bezos The Bully

June 25, 2021 How Amazon Bullies, Manipulates, and Lies to Reporters The company’s cutthroat corporate culture cripples critical coverage—and your right to know. Ali Breland Reporter Mother Jones illustration; Getty It was a slow news day at Gizmodo, the tech website where Dell Cameron worked. Without a story of his own to report he decided … Continue reading Bezos The Bully