How Much Difference is There Between Bernie & Hillary?

5 thoughts on “How Much Difference is There Between Bernie & Hillary?”

  1. My neighbor gets RT via Sky TV and their analysis is that Hillary has lost the female vote – mainly due to the recent publication of The Clinton’s War on Women. They’re totally disgusted that a prominent and powerful woman would treat other women so shabbily.

    1. Well Tubularsock would be most pleased to be incorrect on this BUT ……….
      RT hasn’t spent enough time watching daytime TV in America!
      We are a nation of celebrities and it’s not that anyone really knows what a President should or should not do it’s all about A MOMENT IN HISTORY!

      The FIRST woman President! That is all it’s about ………………

      Remember the FIRST black President? Did it matter what he stood for except empty words?

      Remember the first Tri-Sexural President, Bill would fuck anything! You mean there are other qualifications that should be looked at in a candidate?

      And Republicans or Democrats ……….. are just terms for who gets the spoils. That is why huge sums of money are flowing to Hillary right now from rich Republicans ……. THEY know when the deal is done because they make the deals!

      It seems pretty simple to Tubularsock as Tubularsock has a simple mind but where the big bucks flow the votes are simply adjusted to collect the interest!

  2. Wonder if Bernie’s strategy includes sticking to topics which give him the best chance of remaining alive and winning, while simultaneously remaining mum on information or plans if successful he’ll act upon in the Oval Office, but decrease, if stated during the campaign, could put his campaign, or life (nationalize the Fed – see JFK), at risk. Seeing how military-related industries are “coincidentally” located in every congressional district and a large percentage of U.S. manufacturing since most went overseas, if he announced large cuts in spending he’d lose votes across the country. If he’d run as an independent, Ms. Clinton would already be the nominee. An ideal outcome would be Trump, Sanders and Stein punching it out in the final(s) debates.

    1. I agree with your last sentence, but I don’t know how good the chances are that Stein would actually receive “a place at the table” although that would be the ideal outcome as that would give people the opportunity to actually choose between 3 distinct choices. For me, I’m afraid to hope that what Bernie is saying now would come anywhere close to happening (see Obama) so I have been fighting with myself over supporting Bernie’s run — I probably will not vote for him (I’m a registered Independent so voting in the Primaries is moot) but IF he actually got elected I might be ok with that as long as he doesn’t turn out to be another Obama. I will probably vote for Stein in the General simply b/c I have always voted my conscience and I don’t see any reason to stop that, ESPECIALLY now.

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